What is TwoStick?

TwoStick Key Visual
TwoStick is a novel text entry method for game controllers. The design is based on the review of previous work and several rounds of pilot testing. We compared user performance with TwoStick experimentally to a selection keyboard which is the de facto standard of game controller text entry. Eight participants completed 20 fifteen-minute sessions with both text entry methods. Soon TwoStick outperformed the selection keyboard and was faster in the end. Qualitative results indicated that TwoStick was more fun and easier to use than the selection keyboard.

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The paper about TwoStick has been accepted for the Graphics Interface 2007 Conference. A digital version of the paper is available for download as PDF (0.5 MB).

Költringer, T., Isokoski, P. & Grechenig, T. (2007). TwoStick: Writing with a Game Controller. In Proceedings of Graphics Interface 2007 (GI 2007), 103-110.

Költringer, T., Ngo Van, M. & Grechenig, T. (2007). Game Controller Text Entry with Alphabetic and Multi-Tap Selection Keyboards. In Extended Abstracts of the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2007), 2513-2518. Download the poster.

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